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Our Mission


    VESARiA is a small consulting firm, located in Baltimore, Maryland.  We provide highly specialized network security services to corporations and institutions, large to small.

    Why do our customer’s choose VESARiA to provide their security needs, as opposed to other firms?

  •  At VESARiA, we work out a specific package, custom tailored to each client’s individual needs. Other firms offer a one-size-fits-all approach.
  •  A skilled security analyst conducts the entire procedure.   Other firms use a mass production model.
  •  This analyst is the point-of-contact for our client from start to finish. He’s there to make sure the client’s needs are met.
  •  We educate our clients, providing management with the understanding of security required to make decisions and IT with the details to implement them.  We never leave our clients in the dark.

    Our customers feel that VESARiA’s commitment to working closely with them, coupled with VESARiA’s proven expertise in security, satisfies their security needs, in a way other firms simply cannot.

    To find out more about the VESARiA difference, call us now at (443) - 501 - 4044.

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