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Our Mission

    VESARiA's mission is to provide corporations with highly specialized network security services.  VESARiA's founding philosophy is that generic solutions cannot truly satisfy businesses' needs, especially in an area such as security.

    How do we provide specialized security solutions that truly meet our client’s needs?  Communication and Expertise.


    We work closely with our clients.  Together, we determine their exact needs and develop a package that meets them.  Communication is the cornerstone of this process.

    Communication means education.  Education is an integral part of all of our services, no less than analysis and design.   In order for our clients to fully leverage what we offer, we need to ensure that they understand the security process as it relates to them.  We don’t just provide raw services; we provide management with the understanding of security required to make decisions and IT with the details to implement them.


    Our close working relationship with our clients is only one part of our commitment towards providing specialized security services.   The expertise in security that we provide our clients is the other part of that commitment.

    Only a firm on the cutting edge of security can provide the confidence and reliability that corporations demand:

  • We are an active player in security research. We have been cited as an authority in Internet security by such industry leaders as Microsoft and the FBI.

  • Our experience spans the spectrum of security, from the administrative process, to design and theory, to technical aspects. We put our vertical experience at work for our clients.

  • Human analysis, and not automated tools, constitutes the backbone of our services.

    Services offered by firms that lack this extensive knowledge and experience simply cannot guarantee security.

Mass Production vs. Expert Attention

    Many firms now adopt a mass production model when providing security services: security experts design the service packages, but then hand them down to technicians and staffers to actually perform them. These technicians do not necessarily understand the intricacies of the procedures that they are following. In the end, customers miss out on the detail and accuracy that only an expert can provide.

    VESARiA rejects this mass production approach. We feel that our clients' security needs can only be ensured by experts in the field of security, who work with the client from the initial consultation, through the analysis and implementation, to the final reporting and recommendation.

    Specialized security services, backed by expertise and training, delivered with personal communication: this is how we secure our clients' information systems.

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