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2.8 Where can I get more information on firewalls on the Internet?

Firewalls Mailing List The internet firewalls mailing list is a forum for firewall administrators and implementors. To subscribe to Firewalls, send subscribe firewalls in the body of a message (not in the ``Subject:'' line) to
Firewall-Wizards Mailing List The Firewall Wizards Mailing List is a moderated firewall and security related list that is more like a journal than a public soapbox.
Firewall HOWTO Describes exactly what is needed to build a firewall, particularly using Linux.
Firewall Toolkit (FWTK) and Firewall Papers
Marcus Ranum's firewall related publications
Papers on firewalls and breakins
Texas A&M University security tools
COAST Project Internet Firewalls page
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