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1.3 Before Sending Mail

  Note that this collection of frequently-asked questions is a result of interacting with many people of different backgrounds in a wide variety of public fora. The firewalls-faq address is not a help desk. If you're trying to use an application that says that it's not working because of a firewall and you think that you need to remove your firewall, please do not send us mail asking how.

If you want to know how to ``get rid of your firewall'' because you cannot use some application, do not send us mail asking for help. We cannot help you. Really.

Who can help you? Good question. That will depend on what exactly the problem is, but here are several pointers. If none of these works, please don't ask us for any more. We don't know.

  • The provider of the software you're using.
  • The provider of the network service you're using. That is, if you're on AOL, ask them. If you're trying to use something on a corporate network, talk to your system administrator.
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Firewall FAQ
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