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VESARiA Network Security is a leader in security research.  Our research has been cited by leading IT firms, such as Microsoft, Symantec's SecurityFocus and the FBI.

Currently, our research is focused on the following areas:

  • Web Application Security.  Web applications present a new frontier for information security.  We investigate what makes web applications secure or insecure, and how developers and administrators can ensure their systems' security.

  • Firewall Evasion Methods.  Firewalls represent the first line of defense for most networks.  We therefore feel it imperative to discover, study, and counteract all methods of evading them.

  • Preventive Security.  Most security breaches could be prevented.  Unfortunately, administrators and IT staff are already overburdened, and quite often lack the time to devote to constantly keeping on top of the security arms race. We develop low or zero maintenance strategies for security, which seek to prevent vulnerabilities from the outset.

In addition, we regularly audit commercial and open source software, and issue security advisories where warranted.

For more information about any of our research, please contact us.


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