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                          Typical Price: $750 - $1050

    IT professionals face a difficult battle in ensuring their network's security.  To win, they must find and eliminate every vulnerability in their network: if they miss one, attackers will eventually find it, and leverage it to undermine the entire network.

    VESARiA Security Scan is designed to enable IT to win this battle.  An expert analyst from VESARiA will carefully scrutinize your network, identifying vulnerabilities, one by one.   He'll issue a detailed report, documenting the weaknesses and instructing how to fix them.  And, as your point of contact, he'll walk you through the process of implementing his recommendations and ensuring your network's security.

More Than an Automated Vulnerability Scan

    VESARiA Security Scan is a complete security process – assessment, reporting, recommendations, and implementation – not a mere automated vulnerability scan.

     Services performing automated vulnerability scans have become ubiquitous.  These services, which provide customers with a report generated automatically by vulnerability scanning software, simply do not enable IT to ensure security.   These computer generated reports lack accuracy (false positives and negatives abound), and present massive amounts of data in an unstructured and confusing way.  What's more, after the report is issued, the service provides no one to explain it.

    In order to facilitate security, IT must be provided with an accurate, complete, and clear report, and be guided through the security process.  VESARiA has developed a package, implemented from start to finish by a skilled analyst, designed to do exactly this.  Our process consists of:

  •  Host Enumeration: We detect and identify every host accessible on the network, determining its deployment, function, and operating system.
  • Access Point Enumeration: We then go on to enumerate every access point through which these hosts are accessible. This knowledge provides a basis for prediction and exploration of potential vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerability Identification: One by one, we test for these vulnerabilities.
  • Further Analysis & Interpretation: We carefully scrutinize our results, weeding out false positives and negatives, and noting points of clustered weakness.
  • Report & Recommendations: We present our findings in a way that is both complete and comprehensible, highlighting critical areas. We issue recommendations as to how to eliminate the vulnerabilities discovered, as well as how to implement proactive security.
  • Consultation: We make sure you understand clearly what we discovered, and know how to implement our recommendations.

    More than just an audit, VESARiA Security Scan is a complete security process.


See the difference for yourself: Compare a sample report from VESARiA with a report from one of our competitors.

For a detailed description of VESARIA's testing methodology, please see VESARiA Security Scan Procedure. All of our assessment services come with a full guarantee, and are available both individually and on a subscription basis.

If you'd like to find out more, please continue here, or call us now at (443) - 501 - 4044.

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