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VESARiA Web Application Security

Design, Analysis, and Testing

    VESARiA has developed a three fold approach to web application security:

    Each of these services can either stand alone or be used in conjunction with the others.

    The backbone behind all of these services is VESARiA’s Web Application Security Model.  This model is the result of intensive research by VESARiA into web application vulnerabilities and weaknesses.  It pinpoints how web apps are exploited, and shows how secure web apps defend against exploitation.

Web Application Security: New Needs, New Methods

    Web applications turn the web into an active medium.  They allow users to performing tasks via the web, interacting with servers instead of just browsing their contents passively.  Their active nature presents a new frontier to security, where classical methods of securing servers don’t work.

    Since a web app, by definition, allows a user to connect to the server and interact with it, perimeter defense methods, such as firewalls and IDS, cannot be used to block attack. And since web apps are generally custom made, vulnerability scanners are unable to audit them.

  Clearly, a new process, designed to address the unique needs of web application security, is called for.  A process designed from the ground up to meet the unique security needs of web applications.  With this in mind, we developed the VESARiA Web Application Security Services package.

Guidance From a Proven Leader

    Achieving solid web application security requires expertise and experience.  VESARiA is a leader in the field: our research is cited by industry leaders, including Microsoft, Symantec, and the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center.

For a free initial consultation, where you can discuss your web application with us, and find out about its security needs, please contact us online, or call us now at (443) 501 - 4044.

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